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MudN'works Web Development was created in 2006 by dedicated Jeep, 4x4 and off-road enthusiasts. We believe that necessity is the mother of invention... at MudN'works, necessity is what drives the designs; With simple concepts are the power behind the company. From simple off the shelf packages to complex multi-use portals, we have what it takes to propel you and your business to the next level. E-Commerce is our specialty and with our 4x4 Cart system we can help you put your products on the web easily, quickly and economically. Give us a call so we can start your tomorrow today.

Recent Projects  Existing site had not been updated in style, function or form in years. Updating to current PCI compliance issues was an issue and the existing provider was delaying the next roll out of the legacy system integration.

Solution:  Initiated hosting transfer after finding a suitable host able to handle the traffic and bandwidth needed. Developed process for data migration, category development and customer actions. Cheographed synching of existing back end data to new web front end while developing a system to further compliment their vast and expanding product offerings.  Captcha security on all pages and the masking of addresses have eliminated spam. optimizing of title tags, meta data and product descriptions has opened the client to new customers resulting from higher ranking on search engine pages.